The Philippine Coral Reef Resources and Conservation Program funded by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) conducted a Coral Reef Restoration Training at the UP-Marine Science Institute Bolinao Marine Laboratory last May 22-31, 2013. The 18 participants were composed of the following representatives: LGU and PENRO Batangas (3), LGU Boracay (2), LGU Camiguin (3), Boracay Foundation (1), DENR Region VI (3), DENR Region X (3) and PAWB-DENR Central Office (3). Series of lectures, coral spawning observations, coral nursery preparations and actual field demonstrations on coral gardening and transplantation were conducted. The training aimed to develop the participants’ capability to conduct and evaluate a coral reef restoration project in their respective area. This program is part of a national strategy being developed by the DENR to rehabilitate damaged coral reefs across the country.



Clamming up: The Giant Clams of BML

The UPMSI Giant Clam Project (GCP) established two giant clam ocean nurseries in waters near Bgys. Germinal and Lucero, with logistical support from Congressman Jesus Celeste and Bolinao Mayor Alfonso Celeste, respectively. The GCP donated a total of 522 cultured large giant clams belonging to two species Tridacna gigas and T. squamosa. Such restocking activities will help improve the recruitment potential of these species of giant clams. The said nurseries may also serve the LGU of Bolinao, as well as District 1 of the Province of Pangasinan, in their marine conservation efforts and ecotourism initiatives.