Cesar L. Villanoy


Email: cesarv@ msi.upd.edu.ph

Office: Room 336
 Phone: (632) 922-3957; 382-5397




Ph.D. Physical Oceanography, University of Sydney, Australia
M. Sc. Physical Oceanography, University of Sydney, Australia
B.Sc. Zoology, University of the Philippines, Los Baños

Research Interests


Selected Publications

Magdaong E, Villanoy C. 2008. Determination of properties of milkfish feed for model development.
UPV Journal of Natural Sciences. 13:116-122.

San Diego-McGlone M, Azanza RV, Villanoy CL, Jacinto G. 2008. Eutrophic waters, algal bloom and
fish kill in fish farming areas in Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines. Marine Pollution Bulletin

Martin MC, Villanoy CL. 2007. Sea surface variability of upwelling area northwest of Luzon, Philippines.
in Dynamic Plabet: Monitoring and Understanding a Dynamic Planet with Geodetic and Oceanographic
Tools. Springer Berlin Heidelberg. p84-87.

International Science Team. Satellite remote sensing of Spratly Islands. Liu AK, Hotta K, Hsu MK (eds).
Tingmao Publishing Compant, Taiwan. 97pp. International Science Team Members – Hotta K, Liu AK,
Dien TV, Hsu G, Hsu MK, Kawamura H, Lee CS, Tang DL, Villanoy C.

Penaflor EL, Villanoy CL, David LT, Liu CT. 2007. Detection of monsoonal phytoplankton blooms in
Luzon Strait. Remote Sensing of the Environment 109:443-450.

Menez LAB, Villanoy CL, David LT. 2006. Movement of water across passages connecting Philippine
inland sea basins. Science Diliman 18(2):10-17.

Magno M, Villanoy C. 2006. Rugosity of Philippine coastline and its application in entrainment potential
estimation. Proceedings of the 9th International Coral Reef Symposium

Primavera K, San Diego-McGlone ML, Villanoy C, 2006. Development Of A Simple Biological Model
Of Vertical Phytoplankton Distribution, Science Diliman 18:1, 43-52

Liu CT, Pinkel R, Hsu MK, Klymak JM, Chen HW, Villanoy C, 2006. Nonlinear internal waves from the
Luzon Strait, EOS 87(42):449-451.

Jacinto GS, Velasquez IB, San Diego-McGlone ML, Villanoy CL, Siringan FP. 2006. Biophysical
environment in Manila Bay – then and now. In “The Environment in Asia Pacific Harbors (Wolanski E ed)
Springer. p293-307.

Villanoy CL, Azanza, RV, Altemerano, A., Casil A.L. 2006 Attempts to model the bloom dynamics of
Pyrodinium, a tropical toxic dinoflagellate. Harmful Algae 5: 156-183

Penaflor E, Villanoy C, David L, Liu CT. 2005. Seasonal phytoplankton blooms northwest of Luzon.
Proceedings of the 16th APEC Workshop on Ocean Models and Information System for the APEC
Region. Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Marine Resource Conservation Working Group.

Liu CT, Chyou YJ, Wang DW, Lee CW, Villanoy C, David L. 2005. Verification of satellite observed
ecosystem of Corals. Proceedings of the 16th APEC Workshop on Ocean Models and Information
System for the APEC Region. Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Marine Resource Conservation
Working Group.

Students and Staff




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