Areas of Research

Research is the primary function of the Institute.  Research programs are geared towards generating information for understanding the marine and coastal environment, and planning for their conservation and sustainable use.

Areas of research include:

  • Biology and ecology of harmful algae
  • Plankton ecology
  • Coral reef, seagrass and mangrove ecosystems
  • Habitat restoration
  • Invertebrate biology and mariculture
  • Seaweed biology and culture
  • Taxonomy and systematics of select marine taxa
  • Coastal oceanography and habitat connectivity
  • Ocean productivity in marginal basins
  • Coastal pollution
  • Coastal biogeochemistry
  • Climate change impact in the coastal zone
  • Paleosealevel, paleoclimate, paleoenvironmental reconstructions
  • Coastal erosion, coastal flooding
  • Submarine  groundwater discharge in coral reefs
  • Marine microbiology
  • Marine biotechnology
  • Biochemical studies on conotoxins
  • Natural products in seaweed and invertebrates
  • Population genetics of marine organisms
  • Ecological modeling

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