Course Offering

Undergraduate Courses

  • MS 1 Oceans and Us  (P.M. Aliño, R.V. Azanza, L.T. David, M.D. Fortes, R. R. Gotanco, G.S. Jacinto, S.M. Licuanan, N.E. Montaño, M.J. R. Pante, F.P.Siringan, A.T. Yñiquez)
  • MS 101 Oceans   (L.T. David, M.D. Fortes, G.S. Jacinto, A.O. Lluisma, A.T. Yñiquez)
  • MS102 The Marine Sciences  (P.M. Aliño, E.G. Fortes, A.O. Lluisma, M.A.J. Meñez, M.H.T. Yap)

Graduate Courses

  • MS 210 Physical Oceanography  (L.T. David, C.L. Villanoy)
  • MS 220 Chemical Oceanography  (M.L.S. McGlone)
  • MS 240 Biological Oceanography  (M.H.T. Yap, A.T. Yñiguez)
  • MS 230 Geological Oceanography (F.P. Siringan)
  • MS 396 Seminar
  • MS 399 Research

Courses offered on first semester

  • MS 217 Coastal and Estuarine Oceanography (every odd year)  (C.L. Villanoy, L.T. David)
  • MS 222 Chemistry of Marine Coastal Environments (every odd year)  (G.S. Jacinto, M.L.S. McGlone)
  • MS 242 Marine Microbiology (W.  Reichardt)
  • MS 250 Marine Ecology (M.H.T.  Yap)
  • MS 253 Marine Chemical Ecology (every odd year) (N.E.  Montaño)
  • MS 255 Coral Reef Ecosystems (P.M.  Aliño)
  • MS 256 Marine Algae (E.G.  Fortes)
  • MS258 Marine Fishes (every even year) (V.V. Hilomen)
  • MS 261 Physiology of Marine Algae (every odd year) (R.V. Azanza)
  • MS 361 Reproductive Biology (M.A.J. Meñez)
  • MS 272 Marine Biotechnology (A.O. Lluisma)
  • MS 278 Marine Natural Products (every even year) (G.P. Concepcion)
  • MS 397 Special Topics: Restoration Ecology (every even year) (M.D. Fortes)
  • MS 397 Special Topics: Seaweed Utilization (N.E. Montaño)
  • MS 397 Special Topics: Applications of Molecular Biology & Biochemical Technology to Marine Studies
  • MS 397 Special Topics: Biological Structures (G.P. Concepcion)
  • MS 398 Advanced Methods in Marine Science: Ocean Remote Sensing & Image Analysis (L.T. David)
  • MS 398 Advanced Methods in Marine Science: Data Analysis Methods in Ocean (every even year) (C.L. Villanoy)
  • MS 398 Advanced Methods in Marine Science: Collection, Preservation, Documentation & Computer Management of Marine Biodiversity Data (every even year) (E.G. Fortes)
  • MS 398 Advanced Methods in Marine Science: Biostatistics (M.J.R. Pante)

Courses offered on second semester

  • MS 201 Ocean Physics and Chemistry (every even year) (N.E. Montaño, L.T. David)
  • MS 213 Dynamics of Oceans (every even year) (C.L. Villanoy, L.T. David)
  • MS 214 Waves and Tides (every odd year) (C.L. Villanoy, L.T. David)
  • MS 216 Numerical Ocean Modeling (every odd year) (C.L. Villanoy, L.T. David)
  • MS 221 Marine Geochemistry
  • MS 226 Marine Pollution Chemistry (N.E. Montaño)
  • MS 226.1 Marine Pollution Chemistry laboratory (N.E. Montaño)
  • MS 230 Marine Phytoplankton (R.V. Azanza)
  • MS 252 Marine Biogeography (every odd year) PMAliño
  • MS 253 Marine Chemical Ecology (N.E. Montaño)
  • MS 254 Seagrasses and Mangroves (M.D. Fortes)
  • MS 260 Marine Biodiversity (M.D. Fortes)
  • MS 270 Biochemistry of Marine Organisms (A.O. Lluisma)
  • MS 273 Marine Biotechnology II (G.P. Concepcion)
  • MS 280 Management of Marine Resources (every even year) (P.M. Aliño, M.A.J. Meñez)
  • MS 283 Marine Agronomy (every even year)
  • MS 354 Marine Ecosystems Dynamics (M.H.T. Yap)
  • MS 366 Population Genetics of Marine Organisms (R.R. Gotanco)
  • MS 385 Marine Toxinology (R.V. Azanza)
  • MS 397 Special Topics: Behavioral Ecology (M.A.J. Meñez)
  • MS 397 Special Topics: Methods & Problems of Research (G.S. Jacinto)
  • MS 397 Special Topics: Development of Bioassays for Marine Samples for Assessment of Therapeutic Potential (every odd year)
  • MS 398 Advanced Methods in Marine Science: Methods in Algal Polysaccharide Chemistry (N.E. Montaño)
  • MS 398 Advanced Methods in Marine Science: Experimental Methods in Marine Natural Products (G.P. Concepcion)
  • MS 399 Research: Molecular Phylogenetics (every even year) (A.O. Lluisma)

Other Courses

  • MS 248 Marine Zooplankton
  • MS 251 Population Biology of Marine Organisms
  • MS 356 Phylogeny and Systematics of Marine Organisms
  • MS 360 Physiology of Marine Organisms

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