Gil S. Jacinto


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 Office: Room 309
 Phone: (632) 981-8500 Local 2905;
(632) 922-3944






Ph.D. Marine Chemistry, University of Liverpool, England
M. Sc. Oceanography, University of the Philippines, Diliman
B.Sc. Chemistry, University of San Carlos, Cebu City

Research Interests


Selected Publications

Senal, M.I.S., Jacinto, G.S., San Diego-McGlone, M.L., Siringan, F.P., Zamora, P., Soria, L., Cardenas, M.B., Villanoy, C., Cabrera, O. (accepted manuscript). Nutrient Inputs from Submarine Groundwater Discharge on the Santiago Reef Flat, Bolinao, Northwestern Philippines. Marine Pollution Bulletin.

Jacinto GS, Sotto LP, Senal MI, Diego-McGlone MLS, Escobar M, Amano A, Miller TW. (in press). Hypoxia in Manila Bay, Philippines during the northeast monsoon. Marine Pollution Bulletin.

Cardenas, M.B., Zamora, P.B,, Siringan, F.P., Lapus, M.R., Rodolfo, R.S., Jacinto, G.S., Diego-Mcglone, M.L., Villanoy, C.L., Cabrera, O., and Senal, M.I. 2010. Linking regional sources and pathways for submarine groundwater discharge at a reef by electrical resistivity tomography, 222Rn, and salinity measurements. Geophysical Research Letters.

San Diego-McGlone, M. L., Azanza, R. V., Villanoy, C. L., and Jacinto, G. S. 2008. Eutrophic waters, algal bloom and fish kill in fish farming areas in Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines. Mar.Pollut.Bull. 57:295-301.

Jacinto, G. S., San Diego-McGlone, M. L., and Reichardt, W. (2007) Chemical Aspects of Eutrophication in Mariculture Areas in the Philippines. Reichardt, W. p. 1-4. 2007. Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines, Marine Science Institute, University of the Philippines. In: Challenges of Applied and Environmental Microbiology in Marine Science. 1-18-2007.

Reichardt, W., San Diego-McGlone, M. L., and Jacinto, G. S. (2007) Organic Pollution and Its Impact on the Microbiology of Coastal Marine Environments: A Philippine Perspective. Asian Journal of Water, Environment and Pollution 4(1), 1-9.

Jacinto, G.S., Azanza, R.V., Velasquez, I.B., and Siringan, F.P. (2006). Manila Bay: environmental challenges and opportunities, Chapter 19. In The Environment in Asia Pacific Harbours. Wolanski, Eric (Ed.). Springer (ISBN: 1-4020-3654-X).

Jacinto,G.S., Velasquez, I.B., San Diego-McGlone, M.L., Villanoy, C.L. and Siringan, F.P. (2006). Biophysical environment of Manila Bay – then and now, Chapter 18. In The Environment in Asia Pacific Harbours. Wolanski, Eric (Ed.). Springer (ISBN: 1-4020-3654-X).

Jacinto G.S. (2006) Case Studies: Fish Cage Farming in Coastal Waters – Environmental, Biological, Social and Governance Issues. In: Querijero BVL, Pagdilao CR, Ilagan SV (eds) Guidelines in the Establishment of Fish Cages and Other Structures in Lakes and Coastal Waters. PCAMRD, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines, p 48-56.

Students and Staff