Gisela P. Concepcion

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Email: gpconcepcion@

 Office: Room 117
 Phone: (632) 981-8500 Local 2904;
(632) 433-2990


Ph.D. Chemistry, University of the Philippines, Diliman
M.Sc. Biochemistry,  University of the Philippines, Diliman
B.S. Chemistry,  University of the Philippines, Diliman

Research Interests


Selected Publications

R.A. Seronay, A.E. Fedosov, M. Watkins, G.P. Concepcion, P.M. Aliño, B.M. Olivera. Remarkable Biodiversity of Venomous Micromolluscs Recovered from One Locality: Implications for Pharmacology and Drug Discovery. In preparation.

A.R.J. Anas, T. Bugni, I.J.C. Jao, A.S. de Guzman, F.M. Heralde III, C.M. Ireland, G.P. Concepcion. Bromoalterochromides from an Ochrobactrum sp. bacterium isolated from an Acanthella sp. sponge from Coron, Palawan, Philippines. In preparation.

J.E.T. Narciso, I.D.C. Uy, A.B. Cabang, J.F.C. Chavez, J.L.B. Pablo, G.P. Concepcion, E.A. Padlan. Analysis of the antibody structure based on high-resolution crystallographic studies. New Biotechnology (2011). 28(5):435-47. Epub 2011 Apr 6.

Z. Lin, C.A. Reilly, R.R. Antemano, R.W. Hughen. G.P. Concepcion, M.G. Haygood and B.M. Olivera, A. Light, E.W. Schmidt. Nobilimides A-H, Irreversible TRPV1 Antagonists from Mollusk-Associated Bacteria.
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (2011). 54(11):3746-3755. Epub 2011 May 16.

A. Fedosov, M. Watkins, F.M. Heralde III, P.S. Cornelli, G.P. Concepcion and B.M. Olivera. Phylogeny of the genus Turris: correlating molecular data with radular anatomy and shell morphology. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution (2011). 59(2):263-270. Epub 2011 Feb 23.

A.B. Cabang, J.S. Imperial, J. Gajewiak, M. Watkins, P.S. Corneli, B.M. Olivera and G.P. Concepcion. Characterization of a venom peptide from a crassispirid gastropod. Toxicon (2011). 58:672-680.

G.S. Coombs, J. Yu, C.A. Canning, C.A. Veltri, T.M. Covey, J.K. Cheong, V. Utomo, N. Banerjee, Z.H. Zhang, R.C. Jadulco, G.P. Concepcion, T.S. Bugni, M.K. Harper, I. Mihalek, C.M. Jones, C.M. Ireland, D.M. Virshup. WLS-dependent secretion of WNT3A requires Ser209 acylation and vacuolar acidification. Journal of Cell Science (2010). 123(19): 3357-67. Epub 2010 Sep 7.

Z. Lin, R.R. Antemano, R.W. Hughen, M.D. Tianero, O. Peraud, M.G. Haygood, G.P. Concepcion, B.M. Olivera, A Light, E.W. Schmidt. Pulicatins A-E, neuroactive thiazoline metabolites from cone snail-associated bacteria. Journal of Natural Products (2010). 73(11): 1922-6. Epub 2010 Oct 28.

Z.P. Bojo, J.P.L. Fadul, C.D. Deaño, S.D. Jacinto and G.P. Concepcion. Synergistic in vitro cytotoxicity of two marine natural products with different mechanisms of action against MCF-7 breast cancer cell line. Philippine Science Letters (2010). 3(2);48-58. Epub 2010 Nov 12.

P. Yu, W. Han, V.A. Villar, H. Li, F.B. Arnaldo, G.P. Concepcion, R.A. Felder, M.T. Quinn and P.A. Jose. Dopamine D(1) receptor-mediated inhibition of NADPH oxidase activity in human kidney cells occurs via protein kinase A-protein kinase C cross talk. Free Radical Biology & Medicine (2010). 50(7):832-840. Epub 2010 Dec 28.

G.P. Concepcion and E.A. Padlan. Do prions aggregate in response to electrical stimulation to form lasting memory? Biomedical Hypothesis (2009). 2:24-26.

A.R.F. Mazahery, G.P. Concepcion, R.P. Dator and S.D. Jacinto. Murihexocin C from the leaves of Annona squamosa Linn. induces apoptosis in human colon carcinoma Col 2 cell line. Philippine Agriculture Scientist (2009). 92:122-132.

K.M. Marshall, C.D. Andjelic, D. Tasdemir, G.P. Concepcion, C.M. Ireland and L.R. Barrows. Deoxyamphimedine, a pyridoacridine alkaloid, damages DNA via the production of reactive oxygen species. Marine Drugs (2009). 7:196-209.

E.L. Whitson, T.S. Bugni, P.S. Chockalingam, G.P. Concepcion, X. Feng, G. Jin, M.K. Harper, G.C. Mangalindan, L.A. Mcdonald, and C.M. Ireland. Fibrosterol sulfates from the Philippine sponge Lissodendoryx (Acanthodoryx) fibrosa: sterol dimers that inhibit PKCzeta. Journal of Organic Chemistry (2009). 74(16):5902-8.

G.P. Concepcion, E.A. Padlan. Does the electrical activity of neurons contribute to the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s Disease? Medical Hypothesis. (2010) 74:27-28.

M.W. McCulloch, T.S. Bugni, G.P. Concepcion, G.S. Coombs, M.K. Harper, S. Kaur, G.C. Mangalindan, M.M. Mutizwa, C.A. Veltri, D.M. Virshup and C.M. Ireland. Carteriosulfonic acids A-C, GSK-3beta inhibitors from a Carteriospongia sp. Journal of Natural Products (2009). 72(9):1651-1656.

O. Peraud, J.S. Biggs, R.W. Hughen, A.R. Light, G.P. Concepcion, B.M. Olivera and E.W. Schmidt. Microhabitats within venomous cone snails yield diverse actinobacteria. Applied and Environmental Microbiology (2009). 75(21):6820-6826.

R.A. Seronay, A.E. Fedosov, M.A.Q. Astilla, M. Watkins, N. Saguil, F. M. Heralde III, S. Tagaro, G. T. Poppe, P.M. Aliño, M. Oliverio, Y. I. Kantor, G. P. Concepcion and B. M. Olivera. Accessing Novel Conoidean Venoms: Biodiverse Lumun-lumun Marine Communities, An Untapped Biological and Toxinological Resource.
Toxicon (2009) Dec 11 (Epub ahead of print).

F.M. Heralde III, J. Imperial, P.K. Bandyopadhyay, B.M. Olivera, G.P. Concepcion and A.D. Santos. A rapidly-diverging superfamily of peptide toxins in venomous Gemmula species. Toxicon (2008). 51:890-897.

S.S. Espino, A.J. Kohn, J.A. Villanueva, F.M. Heralde III, P.S. Cornelli, G.P. Concepcion, B.M. Olivera and A.D. Santos. Feeding behavior, phylogeny, and toxinology of Conus furvus Reeve, 1843 (Gastropoda: Neogastropoda: Conidae). The Nautilus (2008). 122(3):143-150.

E.L. Whitson, T.S. Bugni, P.S. Chockalingam, G.P. Concepcion, M.K. Harper, M. He, J.N.A. Hooper, G.C. Mangalindan, F. Ritacco and C.M. Ireland. Spheciosterol Sulfates, PKCζ Inhibitors from a Philippine Sponge Spheciospongia sp. Journal of Natural Products (2008). 71(7):1213-1217.

Students and Staff





Academician, NAST