Cecilia Conaco

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  Email: cconaco@ msi.upd.edu.ph

  Office: Room 378
  Phone: (632) 433-2991

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Postdoctoral Fellow, Neuroscience Research Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara
Ph.D. Molecular and Cellular Biology, Stony Brook University, New York
B.S. Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, University of the Philippines, Diliman

Research Interests

Marine organisms hold the key to understanding the origins of animals and the unique adaptations that have ensured their success in diverse ecological niches. I am interested in studying the mechanisms that allow organisms to dynamically respond to challenges in their environment. I am also interested in exploring the genes and regulatory networks that control morphological and developmental complexity of organisms.

Selected Publications

Conaco C, Neveu P, Zhou H, Arcila ML, Degnan SM, Degnan BM, Kosik KS. 2012. Transcriptome profiling of the demosponge Amphimedon queenslandica reveals genome-wide events that accompany major life cycle transitions. BMC Genomics. 13:209.

Conaco C, Bassett DS, Zhou H, Arcila ML, Degnan SM, Degnan BM, Kosik KS. 2012. Functionalization of a proto-synaptic gene expression network. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 109 Suppl 1:10612-8.

Srivastava M, Simakov O, Chapman J, Fahey B, Gauthier MAE, Mitros T, Richards GS, Conaco C, Dacre M, Hellsten U, Larroux C, Putnam NH, Stanke M, Adamska M, Darling A, Degnan SM, Oakley TH, Plachetzki DC, Zhai Y, Adamski M, Calcino A, Cummins SF, Goodstein DM, Harris C, Jackson DJ, Leys SP, Shu S, Woodcroft BJ, Vervoort M, Kosik KS, Manning G, Degnan BM, Rokhsar DS. 2010. The Amphimedon queenslandica genome and the evolution of animal complexity. Nature. 466(7307):720-6.

Students and Staff

The lab is open to students interested in exploring the genes and genomes of marine organisms to understand the mechanisms that allow them to respond and adapt to the changing oceans.


MS1 Oceans and Us
MS270 Marine Biochemistry
MS397 Special Topics: Emerging Non-model Organisms
MS397 Special Topics: Gene Expression Control