Investiture of new Academician: Dr. Porfirio Alexander Aliño

The National Academy of Science and Technology, Philippines (NAST PHL) held a two-day 36th Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) at the Philippine International Convention Center with the theme “Ifnfrastructure, Information, and Innovation (I3) for National Development, Competitiveness, and Resiliency”. Part of the two-day program is the investiture of new academicians and recognition ceremonies for the different NAST awards.

NAST PHL conferred the title of Academician to Dr. Porfirio Alexander Aliño in the field of Marine Chemical Ecology.  Academicians are individuals “who have earned a doctoral degree in any field of the sciences in an accredited university and has demonstrated or earned distinction in independent research or significant innovative achievement in the basic and applied sciences, including agricultueal, engineering and medical sciences, mathematics and the social sciences as manifested by his published works in recognized scientific technical journals; provided, that in highly meritorious and extremely exceptional cases, the foregoing doctoral degree requirement may be waived.  Membership to the academy is by peer recognition.” Shown with Perry is his wife Dr. Hati Aliño, a Ph.D. graduate of UPMSI.

At the Marine Science Institute, there are currently eight (8) Academicians and three (3) National Scientists:

Biological Sciences Division

Porfirio Alexander M. Aliño, PhD (Marine Chemical Ecology)

Rhodora V. AzanzaPhD (Botany)
Professor, and Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of the Philippines

Gisela P. ConcepcionPhD (Chemistry)
Research Professor and Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of the Philippines

Edgardo D.GomezPhD (Marine Biology)
University Professor Emeritus and National Scientist

Gavino C. Trono, Jr.,  PhD (Marine Botany, Seaweed Biodiversity, Taxonomy, Ecology and Culture)
Professor Emeritus and National Scientist

Chemical, Mathematical and Physical Sciences Division

Lourdes J. CruzPhD (Biochemistry) 
Professor Emerita and National Scientist

Marco Nemesio EMontañoPhD (Biological Chemistry)

Fernando PSiringanPhD (Geology)

(photos courtesy of GSJacinto)